Your Style, Your Voice, Your Teenhood.

    We are different and we want to be different.

    About TEENWEAR

    Teenwear, founded in 2022, is the brainchild of a group of friends who wanted to create a fashion store that feels like a warm hug on a chilly day. 


    Our vibe? Think of us as your style sanctuary—a place where laughter, self-expression, and good vibes are always welcome. Whether you're out with friends or chilling at home, we've got just the threads to make you feel fabulous. So, why not swing by and join the party?

    How We Do It

    At Teenwear, we believe in the power of smart fashion. That's why we operate on a model that's all about you, our customers. We listen closely to your feedback and insights, adjusting our production in real time to deliver exactly what you want. 


    Gone are the days of mass-producing clothes that might not resonate—we're all about providing you with the styles you love, quickly and affordably. By cutting down on waste and staying agile, we're redefining the fashion game, one teen-inspired piece at a time.





    Shipped Orders


    Yearly Visits

    We're on a mission to pioneer next-generation teen fashion.

    "From the very beginning, my goal was to create more than just a store. It was about crafting a welcoming community where people could come together, share thoughts, and feel understood. At Teenwear, we're not just about fashion; we're about people. "


    Every design, every trend, is an invitation to join us in something bigger—a place where everyone is welcome, everyone is heard, and everyone matters. So, as we keep innovating and bringing you the best in teen fashion, know that our hearts are in creating a space where you feel valued and inspired.

    Daniel Sušina / CEO